Monday, September 30, 2013

Wyoming Spring Scenery for Sherman Hill

When I decided to design a N scale layout of the Overland Route,  I developed a new modular plan called a Amphitheater Layout Design.  This design allows a mainline to travel into two separate scenes in the same direction using N-Trak modules.  The design incorporates the three mainlines at the interface connections to represent the Union Pacific right of way like the prototype. To read more about the Sherman Hill Layout design, visit the N scale Railroading Magazine web site to order the Sept-Oct #079 issue.
I did look at building this layout for the magazine but it was a bigger project than I had resources for. With a lack of space and help, I decided to build a four foot diorama of the east portal of the Hermosa Tunnels.  Anyone building a small diorama of a larger layout can gain confidence in building this large Wyoming based layout.  At least maybe to admire it a little more and think about it a little less.  > Mike Pagano

 Early Spring Scenery at Hermosa, Wyoming
Here are the results of building the east end of the Hermosa Tunnels. It did not take much scenery material to get the diorama to look right but it did make me focus on the details of the landscape to make it look like a accurate representation of the area.

Plastruct Products:

  • GC-21 Foliage Spring Green
  • GC-49 Yellow Grass
  • 101 Foam Spring Green

Arizona Rock and Mineral:

  • 1381 Ballast
  • 1090 Earth
  • 1091 Cumbers & Toltec N scale Ballast
  • 1092 Cumbers & Toltec HO scale Ballast

Reiten Models:

  • 32004 Wyoming Snow Fence